What is the easiest way to upload projects to GitHub?

This is very easy. Though when I first learned it , it was so tough for me 😉
Just follow the procedures mentioned below

**First install Software name “Git” on your machine say with Windows7**

1)Log in your account.https://github.com/youraccount
2)Create new repository->give one repository like “Test” and Press Create repository.
3)Go to the folder name “Test” and click right button and press git bash.Then give the following command from option 4 to 8.
4)git init
git add README.md(for one file)
git add *(for all files in the folder)
6)git status(for checking the status whether the file is added or not)
6)git commit -m “first commit”
7)git remote add origin https://github.com/youraccount/Test.git
git push -u origin master

It will ask password for your account. Give password and boom . Your folder has been uploaded the repository.

It will not ask password if you log in before by using your account through the below command
git config –global user.name “YOUR NAME”
git config –global user.email “YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS”

For more details you can follow link: https://help.github.com/articles/set-up-git/

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