How to remove annoying ads in KMPlayer Permanently

This is a very useful solution , whose who are facing problem in KM Player ads , you can take this as solution :
If you are a KMPlayer user you may have encountered annoying pop ups of different media ads and other useless stuffs like this:

How to remove annoying ads in KMPlayer

This can be very annoying if you don’t want any suggestions or advertising made on your media player. More of all the KMP users are using it for the simplicity of it, so making it complex would defy its purpose that it had been serving. But luckily you can remove all these annoying ads in KMplayer permanently using this simple trick. I am going to recommend you the hosts file editing approach. Add this following lines (as new lines right at the bottom) to your hosts file:

How to remove annoying ads in KMPlayer

You can find host file under C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts. In order to paste the above lines, you need to take full administrative control over the “hosts” file. To do this right click on it go properties>security>edit>users>  check all the boxes to allow, then click ok.

host file edit

Now “open with” the host file with notepad (by right clicking), now you can edit it. Paste the lines in the notepad right in the bottom as new lines and save it. You are done! Now no pop ups will appear on kmp ever! And you can enjoy your preferable media without any ad disturbance :) Comment below if this trick works for you. Thanks!

You can also easily block any website you want editing the host file and pasting the website name you want to block. Read detail instruction here.

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